Little Shuswap Lake Band

The Little Shuswap Lake Band (LSLB) is a community of the Secwepemc (Shuswap) Nation, consisting of 7,000 acres of reserve land, located in the Central Interior region of British Columbia, Canada. Its main reserve is in Chase, British Columbia, called Quaaout, and is on the shore of Little Shuswap Lake.

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About the Community

The Little Shuswap Lake Band seeks to become a strong self-reliant community having Cultural and Traditional values to ensure a balanced and productive future, fulfill its mandate to provide economic opportunity, continue developing our regional economic strategies and create lasting, tangible impacts for our community members.

Little Shuswap Lake Band has recently demonstrated a successful model for improving the economic interests of the region through recreation, construction, resource development, and hospitality.

Traditional Territory

Little Shuswap Lake Band has been known to be stewards of their land. Protecting and enforcing rules and regulations in their traditional territory. LSLB lies in the “World's Richest 300 acres”. This stems from LSLB’s involvement and close relationship with the Adams River Salmon Society. The Worlds Richest 300 Acres translates to the spawning of the salmon and the laying of their eggs in LSLB’s Traditional Territory.

Annually, the salmon return to LSLB Traditional Territory with a dominant year every four years bringing everyone from around the world to witness and celebrate the Salute to the Sockeye. Since the creation of Tsutswecw Park, previously known as Roderick Haig Brown Park, BC Parks has been honoured to co-host the celebration of the largest Sockeye Salmon run in North America. The Scotch Creek Salmon run is a unique event in the region as one of the last remaining early Sockeye runs in the region. The Province, in collaboration with Little Shuswap Lake Band, is in lock step working to maintain the area's natural and cultural integrity for future generations' use and enjoyment.