Gravel Esker

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Chase, British Columbia



Key Objectives

The completion of the Gravel Esker project marks a significant milestone as a primary supplier of construction aggregates in the Shuswap and its surrounding areas. Our offerings, ranging from select granular subbases to crushed base and surface aggregates, have successfully met the diverse needs of construction projects. Specializing in drain rock and specialty aggregates, our contribution extends beyond standard requirements. The availability of pit run material has provided versatility in application, while our paving aggregates, bedding, and winter sand have proven instrumental in addressing seasonal demands. As a key main provider of aggregates, we take pride in supporting the structural integrity and sustainability of construction endeavours throughout the region, reflecting our commitment to delivering high-quality materials for successful project outcomes.

Scope of Work

The Gravel Esker project has been completed, showcasing a meticulous and comprehensive scope of work that has optimized the Esker ground area. The expansion involved the strategic bulldozing of topsoil and the removal of unsuitable materials, creating a well-prepared space for subsequent activities. Bulldozing suitable material to a designated loading area facilitated efficient loader operations. The selective cutting of trees was undertaken with environmental sustainability in mind, ensuring a harmonious expansion process. The project’s commitment to responsible resource management is reflected in the successful rehabilitation and remediation of the exhausted esker supply. Gravel crushing was executed precisely to client specifications, producing a high-quality final product. Throughout the project, consistent testing of aggregate samples was conducted, affirming our dedication to maintaining the utmost quality standards. The completed Gravel Esker initiative is a testament to our expertise in delivering superior results and contributing to sustainable resource utilization.