Kappel Street Watermain

District of Sicamous
Sicamous, British Columbia

Community Benefits


Key Objectives

The successful completion of the Kappel Street Watermain project is a testament to our dedication to community infrastructure enhancement. This comprehensive initiative involved the installation of a new watermain, ensuring a reliable and modernized water supply for residents. New services were seamlessly integrated, contributing to the improved functionality of the area. The construction of a road compound enhances operational efficiency and facilitates access for residents. The newly paved road enhances the neighbourhood’s aesthetics and ensures durability for years to come. The rehabilitation of ditching underscores our commitment to comprehensive infrastructure improvement, promoting proper drainage and minimizing environmental impact. The final touch of painting street lines adds to the safety and organization of the road system. The Kappel Street Watermain project reflects our dedication to quality, functionality, and the overall betterment of the District of Sicamous community.

Scope of Work

The Kappel Street Watermain project encompassed milling, packing, paving, labouring, excavating, pipe laying, fitting, and spotting, ensuring a seamless integration of the new watermain. Effective public communication and information relay were paramount throughout the project, ensuring transparency and minimizing disruption to the community. Coordination with various stakeholders, including public works, engineering, labourers, and operators, was critical to project management. Subcontractor coordination was skillfully executed to optimize project efficiency. Beyond the core watermain installation, tasks such as line painting, culvert installation, seeding, soil and ground rehabilitation, trench box installation, safety fencing, hauling, rigging, and locating were diligently carried out, showcasing the project’s holistic approach. The Kappel Street Watermain project is a testament to our expertise in managing multifaceted projects with precision and delivering results that meet the highest quality and functionality standards.